Building Surveying Reports

Searching for a building Surveyor? Do you need a building survey in Newcastle and Tyne & Wear carried out on a property? AJ Walton, one of the region’s trusted chartered building surveyors, can help.

AJ Walton Building Surveying & Architecture provides a first class building surveying service for domestic and commercial clients throughout the North East and we carry out our surveys in accordance with guidelines set out by RICS, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Building Surveys for Domestic Clients

Are you buying a property? We understand that buying a property is a big commitment, and we can’t stress enough how important it is for you to ensure that you protect that financial outlay by having a building survey carried out by a professional. By enlisting the services of AJ Walton, you’ll be able to understand the condition of the building and we’ll be able to diagnose and pinpoint what repairs need to be done, if any.

Building Survey for modern buildings and those built post-1980

For buildings made post-1980, we would organise and carry out a RICS Condition Report. This will give a general overview of newer builds and the report will highlight the state and condition of your property, will offer assistance to legal advisors and will bring to light defects which require urgent attention.

We would conduct an in-depth and thorough visual inspection of your property and, once our report is complete, you’ll have an expert and precise account of the building’s condition and we’ll spell out very clearly what the problems are using an easy to grasp “traffic light” system.

Building Survey for old properties

If you property has a visible defect, is old or you have plans for things like extensions or other building alterations, we’d recommend that we carry out a RICS Building Survey for you.

This survey will provide you with a highly detailed account and report on every construction element of a property and we’ll give you advice and guidance on any repairs and alternations you’re thinking about doing.

Building surveys for Commercial premises

If you’re about to buy a commercial property, you should also get a building survey done in the same way you would when buying a residential building.

Commercial buildings are known to be more difficult when it comes to surveys than a typical home, and a complete understanding of the construction techniques are required to make a thorough assessment.

Clients who have a building survey carried out on a commercial property will have a complete understanding of any repairs that are needed as well as being made aware of statutory liabilities such as electrical testing. Clients will also understand their health and safety risks by having this survey.

Are you leasing a property?

If your intention is to lease property, we’d recommend that you opt for a photographic Schedule of Condition. These are used as a defence against a Dilapidation claim that may be made by a landlord during a Lease Term or its end.
If you need a professional Chartered Surveyor in Newcastle or require a Building Survey, AJ Walton is a company you can trust. With years of experience in the field and hundreds of happy clients throughout Tyne and Wear, we can act quickly and efficiently on your next project.

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