Commercial Surveying

Searching for commercial surveying? As a fully qualified RICS surveyor, we’re here to provide our clients both old and new all of the professional information they need so they can make a reliable decision about their next purchase or negotiation.

If you’re a lease holder or an investor in a new property, AJ Walton is one of Tyneside’s most trusted Commercial Surveying companies.

Let’s take a look at some of our most popular surveys for commercial properties and remember, if you want to get in touch to have a discussion about your needs, we’re only a phone call or email away.

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Planned Maintenance

We understand that once you’ve bought or invested in a new property, you need to plan for the future. If you want to ensure that you’re building is maintained properly to make sure its true value is realised, we can help you plan ahead for future maintenance and repairs before they become an unpleasant and expensive surprise. We prepare Planned and Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Plans to ensure your property, or, property portfolio is kept in good condition saving expensive repairs at a later date.

Disposal Surveys

Do you have one or more properties you’d like to dispose of? In our experience, we’ve seen lots of clients who want to sell a building quickly in order to release money for other ventures.

Disposal surveys allow our commercial clients to get to grips with the condition of a property quickly so that they’re aware of any potential costs and would be buyer may identify.

Investor Surveys

We think it’s vital that before investing in a commercial property, you should be prepared to investigate its condition even if it appears to be an amazing price and deal, especially if you’re using your own money to buy it.

Often, if you buy a property and tenants already reside within it, the responsibility to maintain the building may well be with the tenant, but if the lease isn’t assessed properly, you may well overlook its terms and have the burden to maintain it yourself. A thorough Investor Survey, however, will bring any issues of this nature to light giving you total peace of mind before you commit.

Owner Occupier Surveys

If you’re looking to buy a freehold on a property for owner occupation, we have a survey that focuses on any costs to the client that may be needed to ensure it performs properly throughout the occupation and that you meet all requirements of a statutory nature.

Owner Occupier Surveys will give you professional advice and insight on what maintenance will be needed regularly and how much this will potentially cost you. These are highly bespoke surveys designed with your needs in mind.

Sale & Leaseback Surveys

Would you like to release capital on your building assets via a sale and leaseback transaction? Sale and Leasebacks is a tool for occupiers in both public and private sectors to fund new acquisitions.

We can help you release capital via our highly bespoke service and our surveys will assist you by providing building survey guidance so that you’re protected from things like building defects and the strict guidelines laid down under the Full Repairing Lease.

We’ll also advise you on the appropriate lease structure you should have in place to maximise your company’s value.