Frequently Asked Questions

Building Surveying

1What are the different types of surveys?
We carry out surveys for both commercial and domestic clients. We can tailor our survey to meet the needs of the property so you receive the correct information at the most economical price. For example, if the building is in relatively good condition, we will provide a RICS Condition Report. If the building is older, has specific defects, or you are looking to substantially alter the building, we can provide a RICS Building Survey which covers the structure and finishes in more detail.
2Can a survey lower the asking price of a property?
Obtaining a survey will highlight various repair issues with the property and highlight any significant defects that may be costly to repair. We provide a costed schedule of repairs, which will tell you how much it will cost to restore your property. This will place you in a much stronger position when you're negotiating a purchase price.
3Will the survey advise on the feasibility of an extension or renovation?
As part of our discussions with you, will we ask what are your intentions with the building and whether you are looking to extend or renovate. Keeping this in mind, we will report on the feasibility of your plans, and can even provide architectural drawings for local authority planning applications.

Architectural Design

1Do I need planning and building control approval?
If you intend to extend, alter, or renovate a building, you will need planning and building control approval. If the property is a listed building, you will need listed building approval to carry out any alternations or repairs. In some instances, alterations and extensions will fall under permitted development, which means no planning permission is required. We can advise you on all such matters.
2How will my architectural project be managed?
All of our projects are managed in accordance with The Royal Institution of British Architects Plan of Work. We complete a full project brief for our Clients at the inception stage to ensure we meet their expectations. We would then follow this through with scheme designs and technical drawings, back up by project management on site.
3Will other consultants be required on my project?
If your project requires detailed structural, mechanical or electrical design, then we will instruct these design engineers on your behalf, and coordinate all of the information between the different disciplines. Other specialists may also be commissioned, such as lift engineers and kitchen designers.

Project Management

1What does Project Management bring to a construction project?
Good project management techniques control all the major areas of a construction project, such as finance, change, programme and contract. By setting out project management principles and protocols from the outset, the project will succeed and will be on time and within budget.