Residential Surveying

Need a residential survey? At AJ Walton, we provide reliable and honest reports to give our customers the appropriate and best information to make informed decisions before they purchase or sell a property. If you want to have the power to be able to renegotiate a purchase price or have the peace of mind that the price you’re asking for your building is fair, the AJ Walton approach is tried and tested to give clients all of the tools they need.

Our goal is simple, to produce a first-class reporting and surveying service in Tyne and Wear. We’re competitively priced and highly efficient, meaning we’re well placed to potentially save people thousands on their next purchase or sale.

We’re always on the end of the phone and respond quickly online, so if you’d like to discuss your residential survey options, we’re here for you.

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Let’s take a look at just some of your Residential Survey options…

HomeBuyer Report & Building Survey

It’s widely acknowledged in the industry that mortgage valuations come with their limitations, and if you want a thorough report on the genuine value of a property, then two standard surveys come into play, the Building Survey and the HomeBuyer Survey.

For the majority of typical, modern buildings in an acceptable state and condition, the HomeBuyer Report is appropriate as it will give general guidance and advice on matters that need immediate attention and will provide an accurate value of a building.

Meanwhile, the Building Survey is a highly detailed, tailor-made and more thorough survey that will give you total confidence. AJ Walton provides a complete and fiercely independent surveying service and also caters for things like alterations to homes, barn conversions, and extensions.

AJ Walton also provides the following residential services…

Structure-Only / Bespoke Surveys

We appreciate that all our client’s needs are different and that a full-scale survey may not always be appropriate. Sometimes, a client may only want to know that their building is a sound structure, in this instance, we can provide a Structure Only Survey which will provide you with information about your property’s roof, walls and floors. If you’re thinking about an internal refurbishment or alteration, then this form of survey is ideal.

Defect Inspection

If your mortgage valuer has flagged up any issues on your potential new home or sale, then a Defect Survey can provide a laser guided analysis of a particular part of a building to assess whether their inquiry has any substance. Or, if you’re concerned about a crack that has developed in a certain part of your home or you’re concerned about something abnormal in a particular section of your building, then a Defect Inspection can identify its route cause without the need for a full survey.

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