AJ Walton | The Best Chartered Surveyors in Newcastle 

Building Surveys North Shields | Expert RICS Certified Surveyors on Hand with AJ Walton 
May 17, 2019
Chartered Surveyors in Newcastle | AJ Walton | RICS Approved
June 23, 2019
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AJ Walton | The Best Chartered Surveyors in Newcastle 

For the best chartered surveyors in Newcastle, Alan Walton can help. We carry out an array of surveys to suit your every need including:

Residential Building Surveys

Buying a house or investing in property is a life-changing decision. It’s probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

AJ Walton offers clients Extensive Building surveys in Newcastle so that they know they are making the right decision.

Our best Chartered Surveyors in Newcastle will carry out an expert evaluation of the property. We will produce an extensive report outlining all the interior and exterior qualities and concerns. This in-depth report will be fully comprehensible and free from fancy jargon. This means it is easy to understand and is accessible to everyone.

The Types of Residential Survey You Can Have

Survey Level One: RICS Home Condition Report . This will outline the condition of the property and any potential structural and legal issues. Any urgent defects will be highlighted and all key elements of the building will be detailed. Aimed at newer and more conventional properties.

Survey Level Two: RICS HomeBuyer Report (HBR). This includes everything in the Level 1 Report but also offers advice on the defects, guidance with repairs and ongoing maintenance. 

Survey Level Three: RICS Building Survey. This is the most comprehensive and detailed residential report we offer. It is an extremely in-depth analysis. Our team will also offer expert guidance on present and future repairs and maintenance. This type of report is regarded by us as essential for unconventional properties of unusual shapes and sizes. Older properties are also recommended to undergo this type of survey. 

Specific Defect Reports

This type of report may be requested by your insurance provider if you are making a claim. For example, if your property has been damaged by a fire or flooding and you need to provide evidence, we can carry out a Specific Defect Report to provide you with all of the tools you need to have repair works carried out. 

Commercial Building Surveys

These are very similar to Residential Building Surveys but are designed for large scale commercial and residential apartment buildings or offices. This kind of survey is a key investment for Commercial clients as it prevents expensive repairs in the future. It can also reduce the likelihood of costly legal claims.


These are repairs that are needed in leasehold properties. The liability for such repairs is often under dispute between the tenant and the landlord and AJ Walton can negotiate claims on behalf of either party and investigate any breach of obligations that may have occurred.

Contact AJ Walton for best chartered surveyors in Newcastle

These are just some of the services that AJ Walton can offer clients across Newcastle and the North East. So get in touch today for some expert guidance and information about our extensive range of Building Surveys. Saving you both time and money.