Specific Defect Reports

Building Defect Analysis Newcastle

Common property issues such as dampness and cracking may be flagged up in mortgage valuation reports or when work is being undertaken by builders or contractors. Or your property may have been damaged due to fire or flooding and a report may be requested by your insurance providers before repair works can be carried out.

We have a wealth of experience in creating Specific Defect Reports in the following areas:

•Rising or Penetrating Damp

•Woodworm Infestation

•Subsidence or Settlement

•Fire Damage

•Flood Damage

•Structural Defects

As a leading Building Defect Analysis expert, AJ Walton takes great pride in offering a tailored service to individuals in Tyne and Wear who require specialist advice without the need for a full-scale Building Survey.

Often referred to as Building Pathology, Building Defect Analysis will pinpoint the reasons why any defects have occurred in a property.

The symptoms may well be something the property owner or potential buyer has not noticed prior to purchasing a property as the full extent may be hidden until the building work has been undertaken.

The AJ Walton approach to Building Defect Analysis

AJ Walton is a highly experienced and fully qualified Chartered Building Surveyor. We have gained specialist knowledge of a range of building defects. We adopt an analytical and methodical approach to our work, attributed to decades of practical experience in the field. We like to keep our customers fully informed, discussing the background and the history of the building with you before carrying out a thorough investigation.

During our inspection, we may recommend further investigations by specialists, such as structural or electrical engineers. But rest assured that we will manage this on your behalf in order to ensure that an appropriate and cost effective resolution to the problem is achieved.

Why should I contact AJ Walton?

We endeavour to approach things head on. We're by no means afraid of getting our hands dirty to make sure we get to the root of the issue so that you don't find yourself in a similar position in the future.

We always strive to evaluate and gather all available information in a timely manner, ultimately providing you with a professional, jargon-free report so you can understand the steps required to address any defects.

We understand that working efficiently and on budget is essential, and we will work with you step by step whilst providing a thorough and comprehensive service.