Building Survey Newcastle | AJ Walton | Helping You Stay Ahead of the Game 

Home Surveys Newcastle | Helping You Make That All Important Decision
April 7, 2019
Building Surveys North Shields | Expert RICS Certified Surveyors on Hand with AJ Walton 
May 17, 2019
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Building Survey Newcastle | AJ Walton | Helping You Stay Ahead of the Game 

Top 3 reasons I should invest in a Building Survey Newcastle

  1. They provide information that can assist the buyer with their decision about whether it’s a suitable investment for the future. 
  2. If you are looking to sell, a Building Survey is an added selling tool that offers potential buyers peace of mind.
  3. A Building Survey offers support and maintenance advice for the future.

If you are looking to invest in a Building Survey Newcastle and want to speak to an expert today, contact AJ Walton.

Tell me more about AJ Walton | Building Surveys

If you are looking for a reliable and accessible Building Survey Newcastle and don’t know where to begin, then you’ve come to the right place.

AJ Walton is a leading specialist in the North East. The company boasts a professional and friendly service that will leave you with an accessible report to help you make those all important decisions in the property market.

The team at AJ Walton can guide you with the type of Building Survey suitable for you and your chosen property. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and offer a personal service to each and every client.

You will have our dedication, support and expertise at your fingertips throughout the process. 

Why do I need a Building Survey?

Building Surveys Newcastle are an excellent tool for you to have in your back pocket when you are a buyer making a decision on a potential property.

They are also a helpful tool for homeowners looking to sell as a Building Survey can instil potential buyers with the confidence they need to go ahead with the sale.

A Building Survey offers an in-depth report of a property so that buyers know exactly what they are spending their hard earned cash on. Our reports also provide our clients with guidance and support for any maintenance or repairs on the property. We can also assist with the necessary next steps too. 

We will save you money, effort and time in the long run and will leave you with lasting reassurance about the building. 

We are RICS Certified Surveyors

Yes, that’s right. All of our surveyors are RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) Certified. Giving you that added reassurance that you have an expert in their field carrying out your report.

We don’t miss a trick and that’s exactly what you need when investing in a new property. Our Building Surveys Newcastle go one step further than a home survey in that they cater for buildings of all shapes and sizes.

A Building Survey is more in depth and is a more suitable choice if the property you are looking at is old or of an odd shape or size. You will also receive everything a home survey offers. We will give you:

  • In-depth analysis of both the interior and exterior
  • Information about any structural damage or visual impairments
  • Guidance for future maintenance or issues