Building Surveyor Newcastle: Get Your Quote Today…

Need a Building Survey? AJ Walton Whitley Bay Property Surveyors can help!
November 27, 2016
AJ Walton: Experienced Whitley Bay Building Surveyors…
January 16, 2017
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Building Surveyor Newcastle: Get Your Quote Today…

Welcome to AJ Walton…An Experienced Building Surveyor Newcastle

Searching for a Building Surveyor Newcastle? If you need a fast, efficient and affordable service, AJ Walton can help.

AJ Walton is an established company in Newcastle with years of experience of inspecting and valuing residential properties throughout Tyneside.

Fronted by our very Alan Walton, we’re respected members of RICS, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and we come with an in-depth understanding of the housing market in the local area.

We can advise on the condition on all types of residential properties, and we promise to make a highly accurate report or valuation on your new home or a building you’re looking to sell, based on our decades of experience.

AJ Walton explains: “Making sure your survey is accurate and credible is crucial, and, in our experience, is more than likely going to be the deciding factor that breaks or makes your decision on whether to buy or sell your home.

“Enlisting the services of a professional building surveyor Newcastle therefore is fundamental. At AJ Walton, we give our clients a measured, unique and affordable service based on strong client relationships and a highly personal service.

“Our knowledge and service extends throughout Tyneside, including Newcastle, Wallsend, Whitley Bay, North Shields and Tynemouth and we can work on buildings of all conditions, ages and sizes.”

Our Services…

We understand that buying a home is a big commitment, both financially and emotionally. So, we think making sure your buy is backed up by the best advice and guidance available so you can make the best choice.

We provide a full range of services including HomeBuyer Reports, Building Surveys, valuations and inspections. And remember, we aren’t a national chain. We’re fiercely independent committed to giving you a highly tailored, bespoke and impartial service.

For more information about our residential surveys click here.

Trust us, we shared your anxiety, excitement and passion when it comes to property, and if this your first time on the ladder or you’re an experienced professional, we’ll work together and we’ll make t work.

Surveys, Tailor Made for you…

Choosing the right survey can be confusing, and it’s not uncommon for people to be uncertain about which survey is suitable. That’s why we offer FREE CONSULTATIONS and advice before we even talk about carrying out work for you. Why not CONTACT US so we can find out more about your needs?

We’re ready to hear from you…

We can discuss the type of property you’re thinking about buying or selling as part of our initial consultation process so we can find out more about its layout, size and location as well as your plans and inspirations for it.

And remember, once we’ve recommended the appropriate course of action, and we carry out your survey, the service doesn’t end there. You can contact us anytime and we’re always at hand to answer any questions you may have. We can even do a walk around of your property again to make sure everything’s in order.

We’re ready if you are!

To get the ball rolling, call AJ Walton on or CONTACT US HERE and we’ll be in touch.