What is a chartered surveyor? AJ Walton explains all!

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June 10, 2016
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What is a chartered surveyor? AJ Walton explains all!


Have you ever wondered what a chartered surveyor in Newcastle actually does? Are you thinking about using the services of a chartered surveyor in Newcastle, but you don’t really know what your options are? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Here AJ Walton separates the facts from the fiction and gives you a little insight to our world!

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OK, so the textbook definition of a Chartered Surveyor is an organisation that is a professional member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Chartered surveyors in Newcastle will actually cover a wide selection of services but some of the most popular are for building surveys, such as a Home Inspection and a Home Condition Survey.

Home Inspections in Newcastle

The government decided a few years back to improve the process of buying a house and wanted to make home inspections more efficient. They took a look at the American way of doing things and allowed a home inspector service to evolve.

As part of this, different types of surveys were set up. Here we take a look at two of them…

Home Condition Survey

When you purchase a property, it’s always a good idea to get an independent review and report carried about professionals to assess the condition of a property. A Home Condition Survey will allow you to make an informed opinion about the condition of your new potential buy after it has been inspected.

The great thing about home condition surveys in Newcastle is that they provide a jargon-free account of the condition of a house. If it was carried out by a professional business like AJ Walton, our fully qualified team will flag up anything that requires immediate attention that will cause problems in the future. The report is easy to understand and written in plain English and also gives people any maintenance issues that have to be taken into consideration.

Home Buyer Report in Newcastle

A Home Buyer Report in Newcastle gives a far more in depth report when compared to a mortgage lender’s valuation, which is only intended to benefit the lender, not you!

One of the most common and popular reports we do here at AJ Walton is the RICS Home Buyer Report.

Although it may not be quite as extensive as a full structural survey – which we also do – this report will give you a useful indication of the state of a home and the levels of maintenance and repairs that are needed.

They are extremely user-friendly and concise and will hand the power back to the buyer. It reports on a property’s value, the need for repairs, and its condition.

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