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AJ Walton | The Best Chartered Surveyors in Newcastle 
June 4, 2019
Chartered Surveyors Newcastle | RICS Certified Surveyors You Can Trust
June 23, 2019
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Chartered Surveyors in Newcastle | AJ Walton | RICS Approved

If you are looking for leading, RICS certified Chartered Surveyors in Newcastle, you’ve come to the right place.

AJ Walton’s Chartered Surveyors Newcastle cover a multitude of areas when it comes to property surveying, these include:

Tell me more about AJ Walton

With our highly skilled team, AJ Walton is able to offer a personal and professional service to clients all across Newcastle and the North East.

Our Architectural and Surveying services are second to none. We have different levels of surveys and reports to suit your needs. So whatever kind of report you require, we have a Chartered Surveyor ready to go.

If you are a home buyer who needs a home report or the owner of a commercial building and in need of an in-depth Building Survey, we can help.

Tell me more about your services…

We understand first and foremost, that investing your money wisely is extremely important. In order to do this, you have to know the property you want to invest in “inside out”, quite literally.

Our building surveys provide you with the required information about the interior and exterior of the property, pointing out any potential concerns or issues.

The report will also cover any future concerns and potential repairs and it will offer guidance on the maintenance of the property. If you like to have peace of mind, our Chartered Surveyors can certainly offer this to you.

Our service may come at a cost, but it is a worthwhile cost that will ensure you are investing wisely and don’t come across any costly repairs in the future.

The Residential Building Survey…

One of our most popular types of survey is our Residential Building Survey.

This is a slightly more in-depth version of a standard home report and is perfect for buildings of unusual shapes and sizes. It is also recommended for older buildings and less conventional properties.

If you want total peace of mind, we recommend our Level Three: RICS Building Survey. This is the most detailed and in-depth survey we offer and is fully comprehensive.

We don’t include any “Surveyor Jargon” that you won’t understand, the report is accessible and relatable so that you are kept completely in the know. 

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Our Chartered Surveyors Newcastle will provide you with specific guidance and support throughout the process too.

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