Legal Matters and Disputes

Expert Witness Reports Newcastle

As an independent Chartered Surveyor in Newcastle upon Tyne, AJ Walton provides professional advice for assessments and specialist reports for legal matters and disputes.

Our Expert Witness Reports service is available for all major property disputes. We help clients throughout Tyne and Wear.

We are qualified to provide single and joint reports relating to problems such as Boundary Disputes, Professional Negligence and Tenant and Landlord Disrepair Claims, some of which may need to be resolved in a Court of Law.

If you need an Expert Witness for court representation in a construction or property dispute we are also here for you.

Which legal matters and disputes can you help me with? We cover:

  • Specific Defects of Building Work
  • Valuation of Building Work
  • Dilapidations
  • Rights of way, Boundary Disputes and Party Wall Matters

How can AJ Walton help me?

Unfortunately, commercial and property disputes can't always be settled amicably. Litigation is on the rise in the UK and so its important property owners have the means to provide expert information on legal matters, such as poorly executed, or overcharging of, building work.

At AJ Walton, we offer a fully qualified Expert Witness service and representation in a wide range of matters. We will work closely with you to prepare the necessary documents enquired for court presentation.

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With years of experience working alongside legal experts, we regularly receive requests for Expert Witness representation for a wide range of building or property related disputes.

If you require further information about a professional Chartered Surveyor acting as an Expert Witness, or wish to have a chat about your circumstances in complete confidence, please contact AJ Walton today.