The AJ Walton guide to finding a chartered surveyor in Newcastle!

Find A Chartered Building Surveyor in Newcastle
July 19, 2016
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August 3, 2016
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The AJ Walton guide to finding a chartered surveyor in Newcastle!

Chartered Building Surveyor in Newcastle upon Tyne

AJ Walton

Are you thinking about getting a building survey carried on a property? Do you require an independent assessment? It’s time to call in a chartered surveyor in Newcastle!

AJ Walton – an experienced RICS certified company based in Tyne and Wear – can give you all the tips and hints on when and why you may need a surveyor.

So, let’s get to it.

Why might I need a chartered surveyor in Newcastle?

A surveyor is somebody who can assess the condition and value of a property (such as a house) or a physical asset – like a construction or commercial project.

Sometimes customers also contact us if they’re planning a new development, so there’s quite a bit of scope when it comes to finding a chartered a surveyor in Newcastle.

Remember, there are many different forms of chartered surveyors but we all belong to RICS – or the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – the professional body that we get our accreditation from.

When might I need a surveyor?

If you want the true value and condition of a property for when you’re moving into a new house or for a project your undertaking in the future, then a surveyor can value things like land and the buildings that they’re on.

A surveyor may also give advice and assistance to businesses at the design stage of a construction project so they can make the most of the land available.

One of the main things we do here AJ Walton – a Tyne and Wear based chartered surveyor – is to assess the condition of an existing property so that clients can come to terms with any environmental or structural problems before the buy or sell.

What are the main benefits of using a chartered surveyor?

If you would like a professionally informed report and opinion on the investment of a house, for example, then a local and trusted surveyor can give you that peace of mind before you commit.

Surveyors who are based locally – like we are to Tyne and Wear – will also have first-hand knowledge of the local property market and how the local authorities work.

Their expertise and experience will give you an accurate account and a thorough indication of a property’s condition which will arm you with the tools of how you should proceed.

Surveyors also have access to information which isn’t generally available to the public, such as rights of way details and issues.

What services do surveyors offer?

There are many different types of surveyors out there. From environmental and construction surveyors to rural and building surveyors, the scope is wide.

If you want a building chartered surveyor in Newcastle, we can help.

Customers come to us who want advice on potential repairs or restorations an existing building may need as well as information about design considerations for new builds.

For more information about what we do here at AJ Walton and for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE contact us here or call 07842607642 – we’d be happy to help!