Find a chartered surveyor in North Shields with AJ Walton!

Chartered Building Surveyor in Newcastle upon Tyne
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May 23, 2016
Chartered Building Surveyor in Newcastle upon Tyne
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June 10, 2016
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Find a chartered surveyor in North Shields with AJ Walton!

Chartered Building Surveyor in Newcastle upon Tyne

AJ Walton

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Do you need to find a chartered surveyor in North Shields? Need an experienced and affordable company to do a building survey in North Shields? AJ Walton – a first-class chartered surveyor – can help!

Working in both the residential and commercial sectors in North Shields and throughout Tyne and Wear, we can help you with all of your surveying needs.

Residential Building Surveys in North Shields

We understand that buying a property is up there with one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life. But did you know that only a fifth of people who buy a new home get a building survey in North Shields done? Why is this a concern? Well, a quarter of these people are faced with unexpected bills when they finally move in and it’s so important you don’t find yourself in this costly position!

Commercial building surveys in North Shields

With years of experience in the local property market, AJ Walton has given professional advice to property sellers, tenants and landlords throughout Tyne and Wear.

We can help you with a large selection of commercial property in North Shields from warehouse units and workshops to modern offices.

AJ Walton is ready to offer you a highly personalised service tailored specifically to your needs.

Why would I need a building survey?

It may sound obvious, but a property survey can provide you with a detailed insight into the state of a building and will allow you to assess any work that needs to be done. If we uncover any defects within the building survey, you’ll be in a strong position to negotiate on price if you’re buying a property or get to grips with its condition before you sell.

Buying a new home?

If you’re a smart homebuyer, a survey carried out by a professional and RICS certified surveyor like AJ Walton will inform you about any defects and likely expenses you may encounter before buying a new property.

We have all of the know-how and experience needed to deliver the most trusted and reliable property reports available in Tyne and Wear and we promise to give you piece of mind when we eliminate any complications with your next move in the property market.

If you’d like to find out more about the types of survey available and what will suit you best CONTACT US HERE.

What type of survey should I get?

The main surveys we carry out here at AJ Walton are the RICS Building Survey, RICS Condition Report, and RICS Home Buyer Report. The type of survey you will need will depend on things like the age of the property, the construction type and the structural condition of the property.

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