Listed and historic buildings

At AJ Walton Architecture we have been involved in the conservation of historic buildings since the beginning of our practice. Our team of specialists possess a wide range of experience due to having worked on numerous projects, including public buildings, churches, agricultural buildings, listed-buildings and historic structures.

Our specialist Conservation Surveyors and Architectural Designers have in-depth knowledge of both the theory and practical considerations when preserving historic buildings. They possess a thorough awareness of conservation techniques and associated limitations, and of those relating to Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Listed buildings

We are leaders in protecting and refurbishing listed buildings. Whether it’s a private dwelling, historic agricultural building, a religious structure, school or a public building, AJ Walton Architecture can advise on restoration, repairs, refurbishment, additions and extensions.

Members of our team hold specialist qualifications, and have extensive knowledge and experience, in protecting historic and listed buildings.

Our experience includes conservation work on the Grade II listed Northumberland Square in North Shields, Tyne and Wear; one of the most notable Georgian Squares in the North of England

Protecting churches and ancient buildings

AJ Walton has undertaken a broad range of conservation work on listed churches and associated buildings in order to ensure their longevity.

The services we offer include detailed Quinquennial Inspections, advice on lottery and grant funding applications, planning permissions and project management, including the appointment of specialist contractors.

Conservation areas

Developing or carrying out works in a conservation area is another discipline where specialist support and advice is required.

Our team is highly aware of the complexities of securing planning consent for development in areas where the historic nature of the built environment dictates a sensitive and considered approach.

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