Party Wall Etc Act

Formed in 1996 to give property owners a procedure to use as a guide when building works involve a party fence wall or a party wall, The Party Wall Act is something we take very seriously here at AJ Walton.

It was launched to minimise any disputes to make sure that owners of a property use the services of a professional surveyor like us to determine the way and the time in which necessary works need to be undertaken.

Here at AJ Walton, we have years of experience in matters that relate to Party Walls and we can guide our clients through a process that can be extremely confusing and overwhelming.

On the other side of the fence, we can also help owners that neighbour a building that is being directly affected by works being carried out next door. Whatever the issue, we'll have the solution.

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AJ Walton is well placed to provide our clients practical and specialist advice relating to this rather complex and sometimes tricky legislation.

And as we mentioned earlier, if you find your property is neighbouring a building works project, you may well want to think about serving 'notices' under the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

The Act will lay out the responsibilities of each property owner and the duties required by the person who is carrying out the works in question.

As party wall experts, we can advise you on whether the act applies to the property owner next door or if the duty lies with you. Regardless of which side of the wall you sit, we'll be to give you reliable and professional advice.

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