Planned and Preventative Maintenance

Here at AJ Walton, we believe that prevention is way better than cure.

Planned Preventative Maintenance surveys are a crucial tool that gives property owners the power to proactively improve, manage and maintain their properties over a sustained period of time.

PPM Reports prepared by AJ Walton provides a thorough inspection of a building, alongside a full schedule of professional recommendations for the years ahead and a clear maintenance strategy.

We're proud of our reporting ability, and we will provide informed timescales for carrying out repair works in the future. We will also identify repair works and will also help you budget by providing you with a breakdown of potential upcoming costs.

Tell me more about the AJ Walton Approach Our reports enable our customers to optimise the value of your property and will help you maintain them now and in the future. In short, we'll make sure your assets are in safe hands and are well looked after.

We understand the value of a properly maintained property but that's not all we advise on. As well as looking at your short and long-term maintenance requirements, we also consider issues of statutory compliance and health and safety, giving you the best possible service.

Why should I get in touch with AJ Walton

Since our formation, we have grown into a respected and established firm of chartered surveyors.

We have diversified over the years to meet the needs of our customers and our Planned and Preventative Maintenance service is just one way we meet the changing needs of the Tyne and Wear property market.

We aim to provide a quality and professional service and are proud that a lot of work comes through word of mouth recommendations.

If you would like to discuss your needs and have an informal but professional chat with us, drop us a line.