Property Surveys in Newcastle with AJ Walton

Chartered Building Surveyor in Newcastle upon Tyne
Chartered building surveyors in Newcastle: AJ Walton is the name you can trust!
May 7, 2016
What sort of building survey in Newcastle should I get?
May 11, 2016
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Property Surveys in Newcastle with AJ Walton

Chartered Building Surveyor in Newcastle upon Tyne

People sometimes mixed up and think that a valuation report carried out by a lender’s surveyor is a survey. But remember, many mortgage valuations are made up of a quick report and inspection that will only, best, give you some very general advice. It sometimes surprises us here at AJ Walton – a Newcastle Chartered Surveyor – that people put all of their trust into an extremely limited report when buying a property is such a big decision.

So, if you’re about to buy a property, there are two popular tomes of property surveys in Newcastle that you should consider – a RICS Full Building Survey or a RICS Homebuyer Report.

RICS Homebuyer Report in Newcastle
Created by the RICS and carried about by fully qualified professionals like AJ Walton – this affordable and cost effective report dramatically reduces the risk of whether people should carry out a purchase or not. It will give you enough expert information to make an informed and reasoned decision.

What does the report cover?
It will cover the building both outside and inside and includes things like checking walls, floors, joinery, and walls. Each of these core areas is given a super simple rating…
Green (Condition 1): This is good news! A green rating means if the property is maintained properly no repairs are needed at the current time.

Amber (Condition 2): This means there are defects that need attention but they aren’t deemed to be urgent or serious.

Red (Condition 3): Bad news! There are defects present on the property that needs to be investigated urgently, replaced or repaired.

AJ Walton is always happy to hear from new customers if you’d like a free quote and informal chat about Homebuyers Report in Newcastle, CONTACT US HERE or call Alan Walton on 07842 607 642.

Building Survey in Newcastle

OK, this used to be known as a Full Structural Survey, but a Full Building Survey in Newcastle will give you an extremely detailed report.

Here we would closely examine the condition and structure of a building and we’ll also take on a surface examination.

Are there any restrictions with this kind of report?

Normally, a building survey in Newcastle doesn’t typically include a valuation but it can be if you want it to.

Remember, we also carry out Building surveys in Newcastle on behalf of Freehold companies and leaseholders if they need advice or guidance on the condition of a building when they wish to plan maintenance or prioritise work.

We often undertake Building Surveys on behalf of existing leaseholders and Freehold companies who require advice on the condition of their building and assistance in prioritising works and planning maintenance.

Who is AJ Walton?

We are a company who is passionate about the built environment. We are an experienced chartered building surveyor in Newcastle and we love working with new people and new projects. We can deliver a complete service covering all surveying and architectural services in all its forms.

Located in Newcastle, but covering the whole of Tyne and Wear, we can allow you to make better-informed choices for properties you own or about to buy.

Why not give us a call so we can have a chat about your options? We can also give you a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.

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