We provide homeowners with Condition Reports for their new homes to help put their minds at ease.

RICS Condition Reports give you an accurate picture of the condition of the property at the time of the inspection, allowing you to buy with confidence. It provides a basic overview of a property; but remember, it does not provide advice or valuation. The property must be in good condition and have a well documented maintenance history.

A survey of this type is not appropriate for buildings older than five years, those of non-standard construction or properties with known defects. In addition to the visible interior and exterior of the property, your RICS-accredited surveyor will examine permanent outbuildings and boundary structures as well.

In the following report, you will find information about the property's construction, its current condition, and its current condition. A report will identify any serious concerns or problems in an easy-to-follow 'traffic light' system so that you can address them appropriately with the seller, or a specialist contractor. As part of the conveyancing process before you exchange contracts, your legal advisers should investigate any legal aspects of your property, such as planning and building control issues or access rights, mentioned in the RICS Condition Report.

RICS Condition Reports include the following:

✔︎ Assessing the overall condition of the property through a visual inspection

✔︎ An overview of the apparent surface-level issues and the potential risks involved

✔︎ An easy-to-use system of grading defects using the ‘traffic light system

✔︎ Follow up with your conveyancer regarding other matters

Prices start at £360 inclusive of VAT

Condition Reports: When to Use Them

A Condition Report is intended for flats and houses up to five years old that are brand new (or nearly new). It is imperative that they are in reasonable condition with easily accessible maintenance histories.

In addition, they cannot provide details on known defects, unusual construction methods or materials, or older homes.

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