Should I get a building survey? A Newcastle Chartered Surveyor Runs The Rule!

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July 6, 2016
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July 13, 2016
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Should I get a building survey? A Newcastle Chartered Surveyor Runs The Rule!

Chartered Building Surveyor in Newcastle upon Tyne

AJ Walton

Wondering what sort of building survey you should have? Are you confused about what your options and need some professional guidance? AJ Walton – a Newcastle Chartered Surveyor – can help.

Did you know that one-fifth of us get a professional property survey carried out before they buy a property? Some people believe that they can hold them up when purchasing a new home, can be expensive and not worth the paper they’re written on, but this really isn’t the case and can actually save you lots of money.

If you’re clever about it, it can save you a lot of stress and hassle. Let a Newcastle chartered surveyor talk you through your options so you’re better informed when making those big decisions about your next move.

What is a survey?

A survey, if done by a professional, is a detailed and thorough inspection of the condition of a property. A surveyor – like AJ Walton – can examine and inspect your home and will let you know if there are:

  • Structural issues such as subsidence or walls that are crumbling or falling down
  • Alterations or major repairs required such as rewiring, roof or chimney repairs
  • A professional survey will also give you an expert analysis and commentary on a home

Who can carry out my survey?

If you want to do this properly and get an accurate overview of the state of a property before you buy, you should get a survey done only by a RICS qualified surveyor.

Why? Companies like AJ Walton – a Newcastle chartered surveyor – have professional indemnity insurance and have helped hundreds of clients throughout Tyne and Wear get expert advice and guidance.

Also, if you use a qualified surveyor, you’ll also benefit from our knowledge of local market values and an understanding of buildings in our home town.

Sometimes people buy property that’s a little out of the ordinary, like a lighthouse, and a qualified surveyor is well placed to deal with all forms of property, shapes and sizes!

Do I need to get a survey?

Without a doubt, surveys can be very handy and will help you steer clear of any expensive and unexpected surprises. It’ll give you peace of mind that little hairline cracks in a building, for example, doesn’t mean your new home is going to fall down on the day you move in and if you’re a first-time buyer you know you’re making a sound and reasonable decision before you commit to buying.

We’d recommend getting a survey done if…

  • The building is of an unusual build or is very old
  • The property is timber framed or has a thatched roof
  • It is a listed building
  • You’re worried about the property’s condition and specific parts of the building
  • You’re just not sure about its state or condition.

Do you live in Newcastle or want us to check a property in Tyne and Wear?

For information about your options, what kind of surveys are available and for a free quote, contact AJ Walton.

You can give us a call on 07842607642 or FILL IN OUR ONLINE FORM HERE and we’ll be in touch!